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 Sharing stories and GOOD NEWS in Music City 

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The future is up to you! FAITHBASED NASHVILLE

is here to serve Music City by providing a platform for sharing GOOD NEWS.  As the social presence grows, more and more people by word of mouth, shares and likes through FaceBook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, so will the influence of this brand.  Just as Whole Foods was once a category until founder John Mackey made it a brand, we can turn the category of faith based, into a brand here in NASHVILLE.  Bring your talents to the table and be a part of a FUN brand that is open to all churches and people of faith.  If you are interested in being a part of the team, send an email today!   Let's do this thing! 

New York City

how it started

We all have a story to tell,

here is mine. 

My name is Cindy Larson and I am a musician living in Nashville, Tennessee.  I grew up traveling with my family in Christian music from the age of 4, and still involved in music today.  After all these years, both in the writing and performance side of music, I also enjoy the creative aspects of directing and producing music videos.  

Aside from being a business owner, wife and mother, I am also  a professional makeup artist. 

Recently, I recorded a video podcast series on YouTube called Cindy Larson Makeup Stories. There are more than 40 videos where I talked about my life and random other topics as I applied makeup on myself.  After telling several hundred stories myself, I am now turning the mic around.   That's right, I am turning my focus towards other people and their stories. 

Join me every week, as I travel around in my car, talking to people with a song to sing, a business to promote, a gig to invite us to or a personal testimony to share.  With all the bad news in this world...I think it's time to share some good news, from people of faith, living right here in Music City!

We all have a story to tell so I ask ...what is yours?    

keep the faith nashville

Be a part of the conversation.  Schedule your in-car-interview with FBN via email.

Sing-along with your song in the car to promote your music.

your event

Promote your gig or church program. 

your business

We want to give "shout-outs to ALL faith based business owners and employees! 



905 South Street

Nashville, Tn 37203


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