NASHVILLE is growing at a rate of 82 people per day!  According to CNN, over 30,000 people moved here last year. WHY? Job opportunities are one big reason.  The healthcare industry is thriving and the music industry is on display everywhere. 

Nashville is a "foody" city and the atmosphere inspired creativity so the ARTS draw the unconventional from the whole world.  Recently, BIG businesses have started relocating here because the TAX rates and cost of living is so much better than other big CITIES!

We host millions of visitors here every year and ONE of the major attractions is that PEOPLE are so NICE! 

The state of  TENNESSEE is well known as the BIBLE belt of the country.  Well, if that is true, then NASHVILLE is the buckle of that built.  

We at FBN believe that FAITH is the foundation of our great city.  Our iconic, Grand Ole Opry's Ryman Auditorium was originally built as a church.  In 1885,  riverboat captain Thomas Green Ryman got saved at a tint revival in downtown Nashville.  He spent the rest of his life building the church.

Today...with all the bad news and sad stories around the world we want to inspire and spread good stories and GOOD NEWS.  As Music City...let us SING, DANCE and bring JOY to the world just as our former city founders did in years gone by!

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